Why I Write

Michaela Renata is the pen name of Michelle Miranda. It's the Germanic rendering of my given name, Michelle Rene. Michaela asks "Who is like God?" and Renata is the answer: one who is "Reborn." My name serves as a reminder to me to live every day as one who is born anew, to live in love as God is love. One of the ways I hope to show that is by maintaining vibrant health, to live in gratitude of the body that I've been given to live in.

I work part-time as a bookkeeper, and I work from home alongside my husband in direct sales. We plan to open an independent gym. I'm mother to two lovely young boys and we homeschool them with lean towards the "unschooling" spectrum. I'm into bodyweight exercise,  herbalism and whole foods, while my husband is a certified gym rat and nutritional supplement junkie. I love to cook when I've got a day off. I also enjoy tinkering with repairs, anything from PC's to dishwashers -- just not at the same time! I'm a crochet and handicraft enthusiast. Simply put, I like to create with my hands and keep active. But I'm in love with the written word, which is how I ended up blogging.

I have been a homeschooled student, a homeschool-student-teacher to my siblings, and now a homeschool mom. I am a stay-at-home mom at heart, and I bring my boys to work with me. I exercise in the presence of children and husband -- a feat to be sure!

This blog is my way of expressing what I'm learning about fitness, nutrition and health in the midst of boisterous family life and motherhood. Hope it helps you find the same joy I do!

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