Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The morning caffeine ritual is one I just never fell into -- that is, until REBBL. 

REBBL is not coffee. It's a tonic 'tea,' a blend of long-steeped, cold-brewed herbs bottled in glass. Following Not For Sale on Facebook, and the launch of the product through Causes.com, where Not For Sale had video updates on the creation and ideology of the beverage (click to watch!) In short, it's a beverage intended to be beneficial for the environment, those in the growing/harvesting regions, and for the consumer. 

When I ordered the first shipment of Hibiscus Mint, I fell in love on first sip. So did my husband. So did my kids -- which is hard, because there is natural caffeine from the Guayusa leaf. A little caffeine goes a long way, so we all enjoy this early in the day.

I also learned -- through REBBL's label -- of Runa's fair-trade Guayusa leaf for brewing hot. It's so scrumptious! 

what's not to love?!
my drink of choice at the office

Not For Sale has just launched two new varieties  one featuring green tea and the other with black tea. This month I have the Forest Berry Black Tea, which is not bitter at all. It has a strong berry-mint flavor from its primary herbs. It also contains extracts of reishi, eleuthero, and elder, which are different from the herbs contained in Hibiscus Mint Guayusa. It's safe to say I love this one just as well as the first. I find that each day I am hungry for one or the other, and it seems to depend on how I'm feeling. I've found these to be great before a run or workout as they contain bot caffeine and some simple sugar. The organic sugar is cut with stevia leaf, which I find I don't taste in this. Usually I can't stand stevia extracts in beverages. These drinks are an exception because I don't detect it at all -- maybe because it's brewed with the leaf, instead of a powdered or patented extract?

REBBL is sold through www.rebbltonic.com
For the new varities, you have to call Amanda Buthe at the number listed on the site. Amanda is so sweet and helpful, though. Some retailers in California are carrying the beverage. I can't wait until it's sold local to me so I don't have to wait for my monthly order.

It is expensive. But it's worth it, for so many reasons. I hope you get REBBLious like me and give it a try!

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