Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hooked by the Hoop

Hoop dancing is my preferred form of "cardio." But it is seems too much fun to be called exercise, I think. I was first introduced to hoop dancing as an adult through a mommies group, in a workshop of safe exercise for expectant, postpartum and new mothers.

first try: me and my second giving it a whirl

I didn't know it was an art form for adults, both men and women. I always thought the hoop was for kids, and as a child I wasn't very good at it -- at all. So when I did the research and saw what it could be, I was in. Or at least, I wanted to be. It took me over a year from my first attempt to actually ordering my hoop and practicing every day. Now I am officially a fan and every day I enjoy it more than the day before. Firstborn is five years old and taught himself to waist hoop in a day. (I'm jealous!) He takes his own hoop and eagerly performs for any friends and family available, impatiently waiting for his "turn" when I'm practicing. Could it get any better? Yes, it does!

a grown-up gal's hoop from Hoop Mamas

In addition to DVDs, I use YouTube for inspiration. Just yesterday I stumbled upon an article about hooping combined with yoga. Oh, my, if that isn't a glorious idea, I don't know what is! Somehow I never thought to combine those two pursuits, because hooping can be such a raucous, hilariously fun activity, and yoga speaks to me of stillness. Combing those two loves will be so much fun, and I have a new goal to pursue. Whoever thinks "fitness" and cardio is boring needs to try hoop dancing and let the wild child loose. . .

[Transformation: I love this woman's video!!]

[hoop dance + yoga. Do you see the joy on her face?!]

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  1. I'd like to try it. Where did you get the DVDs?

    1. I ordered the Hoopnotica DVDs on Amazon. The word "DVD" above is clickable, with a link to the first DVD. Also, the picture of the hoop is clickable to the shop where I purchased my hoop. Grown-up hoops are larger than the kid's hoops and a little more money, but the extra $$ is spent on it being custom-wrapped with grip tape etc. The shop gives tips on which size to buy. Also, the word "YouTube" above is a link to a great beginner tutorial on YouTube. Hope this helps. Trust me, it's fun! My mother-in-law is hooping now, too! :D