Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Barefoot run in 40-degree weather at 10:45 PM! Gaaah!!! What was I thinking?

Actually I was thinking, "This is easy. This is...FUN!"

I had promised myself that my barefoot running drills would take place outdoors as soon spring hit, and now it has. It's not as warm as I had hoped. How I decided to run literally barefoot, not just in minimalist wear, is another story. This story is Sunday's run: 1.5 mile tempo run, injury-free, mostly on a sidewalk with a bit of chip-seal pavement a patch of grass thrown in at the turn. The way the day played out just made my run impossible to accomplish during daylight. I had mapped out my route in the neighorhood and set up my app to clock it, then begged hubster to keep me company because while I may be crazy enough to run barefoot at night in the cold, I'm not that crazy that I'd go it alone. As he was hardly interested in taking a freezing jaunt, I told him he could compromise and keep me company by slowly coasting down the street in the car. (Hey, it was a hybrid car running on all electric! It wasn't too unhealthy, really!) Well, anyone might've thought he was a creep as he crawled along with the windows down, calling out, "Dang you look hot!" and other such encouragement as he could think of. I began to wonder if we'd turned the tables and I'd have to protect him from a zealous good citizen... It was all over in 14 minutes. I wanted to keep running but being as cold as it was, I was afraid to overdo it and not feel any foot strain/pain. I'm happy to report that I felt absolutely nothing in my feet the next day, just the happy feeling in my heart.

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