Thursday, February 28, 2013

Music Playlist: In Memorium, In Congratulation

Music. It pulses in the gym, streams through the home, trickles through earbuds on the run. My childhood friend released an album today with his band, T.E.A., "In Balance With This Life, This Death." 

This is life, the music of right now, music to which I'll practice hoop dance. I find it poetic that in "Balance With This Life," less than two weeks ago we mourned the passing of another musician and beloved family member, an accomplished performer in another era as guitarist and vocalist in The Three Chuckles.

In honor of Tommy Romano's life and accomplishments, and in celebration of Matthew LaPointe's debut album, I present the work of my friends:

Tommy Romano playing, "Cinnamon Sinner,"

Matthew LaPointe, "Clock Hands"

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