Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!

In the theme of love, I have to ask: do you love your fitness routine?

If not, it's time to dump that routine and find activities that you enjoy: sign up to try a new sport, class or even a different program in the gym. Think of what you like about what you're currently doing, and what you hate, and start brainstorming, because...

Working out only works when it's fun.
And part of loving you is making sure that it works.

If I just have to watch a movie, listen to music, or "just get through it," it's not sustainable. If I can solidly pay attention to something else, the my form will suffer and the lack of concentration lowers workout intensity and effectiveness. Just like a bad date, if you're not "into" each other, or you'd rather talk to a third party, it ain't happening right. So if your exercise "date" is not your type, I encourage you to get out there and find yourself a new love this Valentine's day! This is one time when breaking up is only a relief and won't hurt.

If, like me, you've already found "the One" that's right for you, then I encourage you live it up today enjoy that fire. Don't forget that taking care of you maintains your ability to share your life and heart with those you love. Go find your fitness passion! Believe me, it's so worth it.

Love you!

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